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Bike path, Dillon Colorado

“How can you do it?”
“Our kids have trouble making a one hour trip into the mountains.”
“We wouldn’t want them with us anyway.”
“My boys would never go in an art museum.”
“My kids can’t sit still in a restaurant.”

These are things I’ve heard from parents over the years.  The best advice I can give is to prepare ahead of time.  Plan what you pack.  Teach them in advance about what they will see.  (I will write about this in upcoming blog posts.)

We loved to travel before kids and were determined to continue traveling after they came into our lives.  We started them early and now the boys are as hooked on travel as we are!  We have taken many amazing family trips. Some of our favorites trips include Hawaii, Costa Rica, Italy, France, Mexico and all over the USA.  That’s why I’ve decided to create a travel website.

Why Travel Is Important To The Education Of  Your Kids

Tell me, and I will forget.
Show me, and I may remember.
Involve me, and I will understand.
Confucius, 450 B.C.

Travel is a great foundation for learning.  Hands-on learning is learning by doing. If you want to teach someone to cook, you have to spend time in the kitchen.  If you want to teach someone to play tennis, you head to the court.  You don’t sit them down behind a desk, ask them to read a chapter, take a test and expect to know how to cook or how to play tennis.

You don’t have to spend too much money or travel to another country.  Even going to the downtown museum can be made into a trip.  All summer, you could take “field trips” one day a week.

Here are just some of the many hands on ways kids learn.  When kids learn in a hands on way, they remember.

1.  Map Skills – This is the obvious one!  But even if you’re going to the museum on a family “field trip”  you can read the map and know whether the car is going north or south.  Prepare all week by reading maps of how to get there and the museum floor plan.  Get everyone involved on what they want to see.  Let them guide you there.  Of course in another country, it’s imparative to study the map.

2. Math Skills – You can imagine that in another country with different money that math skills are necessary to survive there.   Put the kids in charge for paying the admission on your trip to the museum.  Give them a little money

3. Social Studies – When you travel you experience history and understanding of other cultures first hand.  On your local trips, talk to everyone who works there.  Find out when the museum was built and by whom.  Find the story of the exhibit. Don’t just look, experience.

4. Foreign Languages – My kids love to learn other languages.  They see the value in learning a language.  They can speak French well and Spanish pretty well. (Much better than I can!)

5. Travel Teaches Independence – Have the kids guide you as you go through airports and ride the local transportation.

When you give your children these experiences, you give them the ability to succeed in class and in life.


Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

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