About the Travelers

Here we are, the family that loves to travel together! Here are my husband and my three boys at Red Rock’s Crossing in Sedona.

My love for travel started at a very young age.  I grew up on two stories, one of my father’s and one of my mothers.  My father’s story is one of world War ll and a young boy who was smuggled out of France by the underground.  HIs parents were in New York City trying to get the children out while France fell to the Nazi’s.  They stayed at safe houses during the day and drove towards Lisbon at night.  He and his sister were the first children to travel unaccompanied by their parents to New York from Lisbon on a clipper plane.

My mother told me the story of wanting to travel her whole life.  During the summer between her Junior and Senior Year she traveled to Europe with 2 friends and her life was never the same.  She always promised that I could do that, too.

And I did.  But it wasn’t soon enough for me!  I took French.  I read books that took place all over the world.  My parents took us on wonderful family trips. But I was not to travel by myself as a child.  Not until I was 20 years old

We have both been very open to taking my children with us on trips, especially since we didn’t want to stop traveling.  It always seemed like the right thing to do! My philosophy is that it’s the best way to educate your children.  They learn all the necessary subjects through travel.

I’m at home here in Denver.  The perfect place to live.  The perfect place to come home to.  A place I picked myself.  A place others come to vacation!

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