Sayulita, Mexico – A Perfect Place to Regroup With Your Family!


“When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon,
my soul expands in worship of the Creator.”

~Mahatma Gandhi

I love to travel far away with my family.  Away from cell phones and TVs.  Away from school and the pressures the kids feel from life.  Away from the house and yard.  If you go far enough, you all get to know each other once again and get closer.

It was never more evident how close a family can get on a trip than when we went to Sayulita, Mexico.  Sayulita is a short 40 minute drive from Puerto Vallarta but a world apart.  If you’re looking for the 4 star, all- inclusives hotels of Puerto Vallarta, you won’t find them here.  Sayulita is a picturesque Mexican fishing village with cobblestone streets, a town square and a beautiful swimming beach.  In Sayulita, the best place to stay is a rental house.  Almost everything is within walking distance.

The Beaches:
• The beaches are beautiful!
• The main beach is only crowded at holiday times.
• It stretches out for about 1/2 mile.
• La Playa de los Muertos, a nearby beach, is a quiet, 10 minutes walk past the graveyard.
• The main beach is great for surfing!  And it’s easy to get lessons.There are also boats to be rented.

A day in Sayulita might go like this:

• Watch the sunrise.
• Wake up early for a walk down the beach   (while the kids sleep if they’re older).
• Breakfast in town, Choco Banana is a favorite.
• Get fresh tortillas from the tortillera.
• Buy fresh camerones (shrimp) from the fish shop and vegetables from the market for dinner.
• Whole chicken (for lunch) from the vendor.
• Go back to our rented house.
• Change and go to the beach.
• Beach time, surfing and body surfing, (don’t forget to find your favorite dogs on the beach).
• Lunch at the beach, the rental house or a little hambergesa stand in town.
• Afternoon reading.
• Sunset dinner of coconut shrimp and Mexican style potatoes at the house.
• Go back into town for an ice cream or a French crepe.

There are several towns up and down the coast to explore…San Pancho, Los de Marcos, Chacala.  But after exploring those towns, we always wanted to head back to Sayulita!

Some tips:
• When to go:  Go off season – June 1 begins the off season.  It’s less crowded and less expensive.  We had some rain but it was just light afternoon showers which we enjoyed because the weather was hot.

• Where to Eat:

Breakfast – Choco Banana, El Expresso, Panino’s Bakery.                                                                                                Lunch – On the beach at El Costeno.                                                                                                                                        Dinner – Fish Taco on the square for an inexpensive night.  Don Pedros on the beach for a night out on the town.

• Where to Shop:

There’s a little square in the middle of the town with a few shops.  The beach vendors sell jewelry and wonderful painted bowls and plates.  The beach vendors are very willing to make a bargain.

• Where to stay:
Rio Al Junto – This an inexpensive beach front, rustic thatched roof stucco huts.  Very affordable.  We stayed here once.  There’s wifi and great cerviche in their dirt floor, outdoor restaurant called Medusa. (

Via Amour – Really a complex of incredible condos with never ending views up the coast. Visit their beautiful website.  They have a wonderful restaurant.

House Rentals
– We stayed in one of the Casa Mariposa one of 4 rentals on a hillside above the south end of the beach.  The best part of staying in a house were some of the meals we made.  (For more rentals go to

Part of of getting closer is making meals together.  Even my self proclaimed “lazy cook” was interested in making Coconut Shrimp and Mexican Potatoes!

You’ll never regret taking a trip with your family.  I hope you make it to Sayulita sometime.  You’ll never regret that either!!

Feliz viaje! Have a great trip!

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