Photos of the week – Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a photographer’s paradise!  These pictures were taken by me and my husband John.

Arenal Volcano at night.  We fell asleep watching it erupt.

Arenal Volcano during the day.  It’s the volcano you used to draw as a kid!

John’s picture of a glass wing butterfly…amazing!

There were exotic flowers blooming everywhere!

The elusive Quetzal caught in a telescope.

You can tell where the cloud forest of Monteverde is as we drove down south toward the beach.

Sunset at the beach of Manual Antonio.

Coffee with a view at La Mariposa Hotel.

What a beach, hidden in the park, like paradise!

Mother sloth and baby way up the trees.

One of the baby monkeys we saw in the Park

Another amazing adventure for the Henry family!


5 thoughts on “Photos of the week – Costa Rica

  1. Stunning! That one of the sloths is amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit Costa Rica, actually a friend of ours lives there! But then I saw a story about Bot Flies. *Shudder!!!* Those scare me. :)
    sheila recently posted..Walk with purpose How to build confidence

    1. Thanks Shelia,
      It was so camouflaged someone had to point it out to us.

    1. Thanks so much Carol! For the award and for your continued support! Yes, I just introduced it last week. I have had the urge to write about our travels all year. In the end I decided they did not really go with Zen Mama so… a new blog! And with sponsors, too! Yea!

  2. beautiful photos! very lovely shots you have, especially of the sunset at the beach. are these your entry for Just Beautiful? don’t forget to include the meme badge (located on my sidebar) on your posts for JB. thanks for joining! :)

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